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Ecosystem Services - Biomimicry - green infrastructure 

3 big ideas for place-based​, STEM education


Creating new stories, ​together with Nature. An annual K-12 community collaboration between We Are The Forest, Ypsilanti Community Schools, Summer’s Knoll, and Eastern Michigan University's SEMIS Coalition.

  How Beaver's Can    Save The World!

            We Are The Forest i​s a place-based, experiential  learning platform.

   We inspire students to connect with the natural world, while learning inter-disciplinary skills          in environmental stewardship, science, technology, engineering, arts and math.  

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Students that participate in our programs learn the skills needed to design and plant new forests, anywhere on the planet. Our goal is educational innovation in schools through ecological community restoration.

We Are The Forest supports artists, musicians, dancers and cultural creatives from Michigan that weave forest stories into their work.

Ypsi-Arbor student 

Forest Project

Heralded as a “keystone species”, science and planetary solutions experts have begun to pay serious attention to the ingenuous methods of the mighty beaver.

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