Creating new stories, ​together with Nature. An annual K-12 community collaboration between We Are The Forest, Ypsilanti Community Schools, Summer’s Knoll, and Eastern Michigan University's SEMIS Coalition.

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Students that participate in our programs learn the skills needed to evaluate, design and install new Green Infrastructure systems, anywhere on the planet. Developing a Nature-based "Lens" is key. The Green Jobs of the future are here!

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Forest Project

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3 big ideas for place-based​, STEaM education


How Beaver's Can   Save The World

            We Are The Forest i​s a place-based, experiential  learning platform.

   We inspire students to connect with Nature, while learning inter-disciplinary skills in environmental stewardship, science, technology, engineering, arts and math.  

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Heralded as a “keystone species”, science and planetary solutions experts have begun to pay serious attention to the ingenuous methods of the mighty beaver.